Air Capital Speed Skating Club

You’ve seen it at the Winter Olympics, now’s your turn to try it. The Air Capital Speed Skating Club is the organization that skaters can join to participate in structured activities to gain the skills to compete, have fun going fast, and spend time being active with family and friends.

Fees & Times

Fee: $12.00/skater

Check our schedule (Schedule is subject to change.) Check back often.

Learn To Speed Skate

Have you and/or your child always wanted to learn how to speed skate? The Wichita Ice Center is proud to announce we have Speed Skating lessons taught by some of our very own competitive speed skaters!

All Speed Skaters will begin in Snowplow Sam 1 (2.5-5 year olds), Basic 1 (6 years and up), or Adult 1 (Adults).

Once skaters have passed Basic Skills level 4, Adult level 2 or Hockey Level 4, they may then begin speed skating classes.

Come join the fun and learn to how to speed skate!

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