Figure Skating Academy

We offer dedicated ice time and classes designed for figure skaters, beginners through elite competitors. 

Figure Skating Rates:

  • Freestyle drop-in rate: $12/hour
  • 5 Hour Freestyle punch-cards: $45
  • 10 Hour Freestyle punch-card: $85
  • 30-Minute class drop-in rate: $11
  • 15-Minute class drop-in rate: $7.50
  • Monthly Unlimited freestyle and class pass: Tentative

Academy Sessions

General Freestyle

Open session to work on a full array of figure skating. Open to figure skaters of all levels.


Session open to work only spins, jumps, footwork and programs. No Dance or Moves in the Field allowed. Open to skaters at the Free Skate 4 and above level only.

MITF / Dance

Session open to work only Moves in the Field or compulsory dance. No spins, jumps, lifts or free-skate programs allowed. Open to figure skaters of all levels. Exceptions may be made at the discretion of the Figure Skating Director.

On-Ice Classes

Edge Class

Skaters will work on the development of property body alignment and blade usage along the 8 basic edges, leading to more secure edges and stronger, more efficient generation of power on different types of steps, turns, and strokes, resulting in greater potential speed and stability across the ice. Open to skaters at the Beginner/High Beginner levels and above.

Jumps / Spins

With jumps, skaters will learn to master jump takeoffs and landings, air positions, and difficult entries and exits, etc. With spins, skaters will practice mastery of basic spin positions, as well as being able to build their repertoire of difficult variations of positions in order to build their technical base score for the International Judges System. Open to skaters at the Beginner/High Beginner levels and above.


During this class, skaters will train to push their limits of endurance with aerobic and anaerobic drills, as well as strength exercises built into several exercises. Open to skaters at the Beginner/High Beginner levels and above.

Moves In The Field

Skaters will learn to master the US Figure Skating patterns of field moves and prepare for official test sessions. Open to skaters at the Beginner/High Beginner levels and above.

Off-Ice Classes

Strength / Conditioning

Increase your strength, stamina, and flexibility through a variety of exercises and drills to improve your skating skills and overall body strength and health. For skaters Freeskate 1 and above and ages 10 and above, or instructor permission.

Off-ice Jumps

Master the ability to perform off-ice jumps and jump rotations while working on balance, leg strength, rotational speed, and jump landing form; watch as it quickly transfers to jumps on ice. For skaters Freeskate 1 and above.

Private Lessons

Figure Skaters who are serious about their sport or are just recreational come to Wichita Ice Center to be taught by some of the best instructors around! Private lessons are provided for those who want to learn to skate for fun or through all levels of competition. Rates vary by instructor, however discounted introductory pricing is available for anyone taking private lessons for the first time!

Off-ice Conditioning

We offer programs geared towards both the recreational and the serious figure skater. Focus is on power, strength, agility, jumping techniques, and creative movement. Conditioning classes are offered weekly for all ages.

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