It's Hockey Time!

Our adult hockey leagues are recreational, but still a great way to up your game and unlock your potential.

Kansas Cup Tournament, Adult 3 on 3 Leagues, Adult Hockey Leagues, Adult Developmental Hockey Classes, 30 & Older Hockey Drop-In, Drop-In Hockey, Stick & Puck, Skills & Drills Clinics

A: Open Leagues

Level 1: Adult League
Highly-skilled players who have played Pro-level, College, Juniors or High School Hockey. Games player on Thursday

Level 2: Advanced League: (3-level 1 caliber players allowed)
Juniors, or High School level players – Sunday Games

B: Intermediate Leagues

Competitive League: (1-Level 1 caliber players allowed)
High School or higher-skilled recreational players – Sunday Games

Intermediate League
Experienced recreational level players

C: Novice Leagues

Development League
Experienced recreational level players – Sunday Games

Novice League: (No level 1 caliber players allowed)
Novice/beginner level players – Sunday Games

Recreational League
Recreational-Novice level players that sign-up as individuals. This league is recommended for the first time player as we have players/coaches to assist the new player in learning the game of hockey. Goalies are moved to a new team every few games. Game Night, Wednesdays 7:45pm-8:45pm.

Get In The Game!

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Skills & Drills

Take your game to the next level by practicing the skills you feel need improvement.

Program Highlights:

  • FEES: $10/player, goalies are FREE!
  • Come practice a specific skill with the assistance of a coach. (Skating, shooting, stick-handling, passing, positional play, break-out’s, etc.)
  • Goaltending instructors will work with goalies on angles, rebounds, break-aways, shooting, etc.
  • Each week we will work on different skill sets based on a consensus of customer wants and needs.

Adult Developmental Hockey Classes

Be introduced to the basics of hockey in preparation for playing in the Wichita Adult Hockey League (WAHL) non-checking recreational leagues.

Hockey Drop-In

Come join us for a non-competitive pick up game. This is a great opportunity to develop new skills in a game setting and improve your overall game. Full equipment is mandatory!

Drop-In Fees:

  • Weekend/Evening (1 hr+) | $12.00 Player / Goalies Free
  • Weekend/Evening (1 hr) | $10.00 Player / Goalies Free
  • Weekday before 5pm | $7.00 Player / Goalies Free

Stick & Puck

These are public sessions that provide a perfect opportunity for hockey players of all ages to focus on skill development. Fun and casual for all!

Stick & Puck Fees:

  • Weekday – $12.00/player
  • Weekend/Evening – $16.00/parent with child
  • Weekend/Evening – $10.00/player

Goalies are FREE. Full equipment is mandatory.

NOTE! Session times may be cancelled or changed. Please check the schedule prior to arrival.